The saga returns

"Star Wars: Rogue One’s" release date is just around the corner, and fans are already excited to return to a galaxy far, far away. "Rogue One" is a spin-off from the main storyline of the "Star Wars" universe, and tells the story of a group of rebels who try to steal the Empire’s plans for their super-powerful ship, the Death Star.

New characters

The Hollywood Patch mentions that "Rogue One" will introduce Felicity Jones as Jynn Erso, a prisoner who is freed by the rebels and later leads their mission. The new "Star Wars" story will also feature K2-SO, a brand new droid who serves Jynn (sorry, R-2!).

Diego Luna also appears as rebel Intellgence Officer Cassian Andor.

May the force be with you

The official trailer for "Rogue One" starts off calm, but then gives us the action and adventure we expect from a film of this magnitude. The beginning intro features a voice-over telling us that most of the galaxy is now under Imperial control, and that “the world is falling apart.” From there, we see a freed Jynn cooperating with the other rebels, and a quick fly-over of the Death Star. What could all this mean? The studio behind the new "Star Wars" film gave just enough info to keep us in suspense.

Attend premiere you must

LucasFilm Ltd. is keeping most of the details of "Star Wars: Rogue One" under wraps until its release date.

However, the official "Star Wars" Twitter account did post the official trailer on December 12, and biographies of some of the characters who will appear in "Rogue One." Amongst these characters are the turncoat pilot Bodhi Rook, who once worked for the Empire but now serves the rebels; and Jynn’s father Galen, who helped design the Death Star.

Time magazine mentions that "Rogue One" is set before the first Star Wars movie, "A New Hope," and is something of a prequel/spin-off. Additionally, "Rogue One" fits in the middle of the timeline for the overall Star Wars universe.

...In a galaxy far away

"Rogue One" takes us outside of the Luke/Darth Vader storyline and brings in fresh new characters with a new plot.

However, there will be some characters from the old storyline returning: according to, Leia’s adoptive father and Alderran’s leader Bail Organa is slated to reappear, as is senior Rebel leader Mon Mothma.

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