This weekend is the opening of the highly anticipated "Star Wars: Rogue One," starring Felicity Jones. Fans and critics have been waiting for the film ever since its announcment two years ago. People have debating and discussing if it would be any good or stack up against the heavy-hitter of "Star Wars: The Force Awakens." And pre-sale ticket sales proved all of that. Since early screenings for the movie, it is already being praised as the best Star Wars film since "Empire Strikes Back."

What is 'Rogue One' about?

Taking place right between "Revenge of the Sith" and "A New Hope," "Rogue One" is about the Rebel spies who stole the plans to the planet destroying Death Star.

This band of Rebel spies is made up of some very unique characters; A warrior monk, an ex-imperial pilot, a rebel captain, a weapons expert, and a combat droid, all led by the movie's protanginist, Jyn Esro. Esro is rescued from the imperials after her father, the lead designer of the Death Star, sends out a message to the Rebels warning them of the Imperials' plan for the destructive weapon. She is recruitted and tasked with leading the band of spies. The main antagonist for "Rogue One," Director Orson Krennic, is in charge of weapon development for the Empire and is obssessed with completing the Death Star, and will stop at nothing to stop the Rebels.

The pace of the film

The movie sets the pace as dark, since it concentrates more on the soldiers than the Jedi. Director of the film, Gareth Edwards, wanted to concentrate more on the soldiers who fought the war, than pull focus on the Jedi like all of the Star Wars films. Although the film concentrates more on the soldiers, ever since its trailer release revealing that Darth Vader would be in the film, fans have been freaking out and want to see what his role will be in the film.

According to Edwards, Vader is a vital character in the movie, but although we don't see him very much, Edwards promises Vader will be "horrific," and we will see Vader in a light we have never seen before. With the movie's PG-13 rating, compared to its usual PG rating, I think we are all in for a very special treat.

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