In the many concerns about "Star Wars: Rogue One" (no familiar faces, new story that doesn't forward old one), there's one thing to love. That is Ben Mendelsohn as the badass Director Orson Krennic. The character with his awesomely evil cape, conjures up images of notable bad guys in film and literature--Peter Capaldi's "Doctor Who," Cardinal Richelieu, President Snow of "The Hunger Games," and of course, Darth Vader, to name a few. The Australian boy wonder is just the guy to fill the the cape.

And if he looks familiar, stay tuned to find out why.

Disney gets rogue actors for 'Rogue One'

You might not know Mendelsohn's work if you don't live in Australia or watch Aussie telly. You might recognize him if you watched the Netflix Original series "Bloodline." The 47-year-old actor played Danny Rayburn in the psycho-thriller mystery. Not only did Mendelsohn own the part, he occasionally carried the show. Mendelsohn has appeared in other US shows in smaller parts. Disney took a bit of a chance casting him in the epic "Star Wars" with his limited US repertoire.

Still, that globalization of the "Rogue One" cast was a smart move for director Gareth Edwards.

'Rogue One' boasts pan-globe cast

Mendelsohn has that trans-Atlantic accent versatility that actors from the UK and similar areas are known for. Typically, it means an actor has at least a rudimentary knowledge of different langues. That will come in handy in the very global "Star Wars" cast. "Rogue One" actors hail from all over the world--United States, China, Mexico, Ireland, Germany and Denmark.

A global cast lends an air of distinction. And it lends a nice change of pace from reality TV.

About the famous 'Rogue One' cape

If you learned anything from "Star Wars" it's that good guys wear robes and bad guys sport capes. Darth Vader had a saucy black number that he loved to fling about. Ben Mendelsohn actually "gushed" over his cape, as Superfan Movies put it. Director Orson Krennic wears an especially impressive flowing Jesuit type affair that covers a military tunic.

So, villain or not, who doesn't love a man in uniform?

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