Actor Warwick Davis, best known for his roles in “Willow," “Harry Potter,” and “Star Wars," will play one of Snow White’s seven dwarfs in a Christmas pantomime.

What is a pantomime?

A pantomime, or a “panto,” is a traditional British Christmas play. Having origins in the Italian commedia dell'arte tradition, and originally starting out similar to adult vaudeville shows, the practice has evolved into becoming a Christmas entertainment for children, and shows are usually based on fairy tales, such as “Cinderella” or “Sleeping Beauty.” A traditional fixture of the British Christmas season, the practice has extended to other countries, such as Ireland and Australia, and similar shows have also become a recent trend for the Hanukah holiday in Israel.

Over the years, involving a celebrity has also become a common feature in British theaters performing pantomimes.

This is not the first time Davis has played the role, as he played the part of one of the seven dwarfs in previous pantomimes based on the Snow White story, such as one in 2006 and 2012. Added to that, he even played the role in a 2001 film with Kristin Kreuk in the lead.

What can be expected from the new show?

Davis’ character, who will be the leader of the seven dwarfs, will be named Prof and seems to be a caricature of Doc from the Disney film.

Due to copyright law, pantomimes are not allowed to give the seven dwarfs the names they had in the Disney film, and script writers traditionally create new names for each show.

The show will serve as something of a family affair for Davis, as his daughter, Annabelle Davis, will play another one of the dwarfs, named Loopey, who similarly appears to be a parody of Dopey from the Disney film. Other actors include Andy Ford, Chris Cox, Anne Smith, Melissa Potts, Shaun Dalton, Hayley Burroughs, Simeon Dyer, Harrison Jones, and Jon Key.

In a released statement, Davis said that the show will be “all about getting into the Christmas spirit” and promises that each live show will be different every night. The show started its run on December 10th, and will continue until January 8th.

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