"Sopranos'" star Michael Imperioli, best known as mobster Christopher Moltisanti on the HBO smash mafia show is currently facing some legal problems within the family. Last month the TV mobster's 19-year-old son Vadim was arrested for vandalizing a dorm at Purchase College.

HBO star's kid facing more legal issues!

Vadim has been charged with criminal mischief after allegedly painting swastika images on a college dorm bulletin board on November 20th, 2016 according to a report from Journal News. College spokeswoman Betsy Aldredge spoke with Journal News, stating that the offensive images were discovered inside the campus dorm around the same time that the words "Black Lives Don't Matter" were found defacing another area of the campus.

Campus police sent out an e-mail to students stating that they were "pleased to announce that the NYS University Police had made an arrest pertaining to one of last week's graffiti crimes involving the swastikas. On Wednesday, December 7th, investigators revealed that Vadim Imperioli had been taken into custody.

"We assisted Suny Purchase Police," stated Captain Doug Larkin of the New York State Police. "He (Vadim) was arrested for the swastika incident." According to campus policy, all on campus offenses committed by students will be handled by campus police, and any charges filed against Vadim will be dealt with accordingly by Harrison Town Court.

Vadim, who is no stranger to legal issues, coincidentally, was just in court on Tuesday, before the vandalism for an unrelated larceny charge stemming from an October 13th unauthorized use of a vehicle charge. During the court proceedings, Vadim's grandparents were in attendance, however, his famous dad was nowhere near the courtroom to support his look-alike son.

Michael Imperioli may need to go "Uncle Tony" on his kid!

Young Mr. Imperioli's Facebook page, that has since been taken down, described the 19-year-old as a freshman film student, but, according to his lawyer, Vadim was no longer attending school. Imperioli is due back in court on January 17, 2017, and is the oldest of two sons shared by actor/director Michael Imperioli and his wife Victoria. Sounds as if the holidays may just hold a "sit down" at the Imperioli house this year!

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