Mohanlal, the Complete Actor of Indian Cinema may be enjoying commercial success after his latest Malayalam movie "Pulimurugan" grossed more than Rs 135 Crores from the box-office. It is still going strong in all the main centers.

But his personal life is now facing a small setback as millions of people have started criticizing the National Award winning actor for his positive remarks about Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the demonetization program.

Through his blog, the "Narasimham" actor told that Narendra Modi decision to call back the Rs 500 and 1000 currency notes would help the country to demolish the curse of black money.

He titled the blog, ''A Big Salute to Virtuous India", and he lauded Modi for the surgical strikes that India carried out in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir last month. The said the strikes were done for a good cause.

Demonetization to help weed out corruption

Mohanlal told that he listened to Modi's speech from a deserted area, 500 kilometers away from Jaipur. The 57-year-old star added that he is not that kind of a person who worships people but always admire ideologies.

"This is a country where corruption has become a part of day-to-day life, and such a move is very much necessary to demolish this cancer," said Mohanlal.

He also added that people who are readily willing to stand in queues in front of wine shops, cinema theaters, and worshipping places should adjust the bank lines, as it is meant for a good cause.

Mohanlal gets trolled on Twitter

Mohanlal's remarks about the demonetization program have not gone well with many people in Kerala, and they have started trolling the actor through social media sites.

Some of them have called Mohanlal a "Sanghi" (a local slang which denotes RSS activist), while some people from a particular minority community called the legendary actor a religious fanatic.

Many eminent personalities like V T Balram MLA, dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi and many other people from Kerala politics, have lashed out against Mohanlal, and they are now demanding a change in the stand from the actor.

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