"Sister Wives" has seen its share of controversy recently. There have been rumors of affairs and splitting up more than a few times. This time, however, sources close to the family are confirming that one of the women plans to leave the family. Don't read on if you don't want to know!

Last wife in, first wife out!

Robyn Brown is the last wife to join the family. Kody and Meri actually got divorced so that he could marry Robyn and adopt her children from a previous relationship. According to Radar Online, a source close to Robyn says that she is not happy with how her children are treated.

Apparently she feels they aren't treated as well as they should be.

Last season Robyn wasn't filmed as much as usual. It all came down to the catfish scandal and all the other drama taking center stage. She just wasn't happy and didn't want to film. For a polygamist wife, she wanted to be in the front and higher in the ranking than she was portrayed.

The source goes on to say that marital strife began between the two during Robyn's last pregnancy. Along with problems with the lines of communication, Kody was under stress and not handling it very well.

He was accustomed to Robyn being there to calm him and she just wasn't anymore.

So far this season "Sister Wives" is focusing on Maddie's wedding and the catfish story. Again this season Robyn is not as visible as she would like to be and decided that she is just done. Playing second to one of her sister wives is more than she is willing to handle.

When is she leaving?

Robyn Brown intends to stay with the family through the holidays but in January she has a big move planned.

She will return to Utah and probably stay with her mother as she takes some time to figure out her next move. The source does tell us that she plans to leave polygamy in her past and not marry another man with several wives.

With Kody having adopted Robyn's children from a previous relationship, they are all legally his children. Considering one of her complaints is that her children are neglected by Kody, will he now be responsible for child support for all of them?

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