The Brown family from "Sister Wives" has been in the limelight for eight seasons. Fans have watched as the family has grown to four wives and 18 children. There have been so many rumors over the years. Always that one of the wives was leaving or Kody was planning to add more wives. The rumors are endless.

Blasting News previously reported that Robyn Brown was planning on leaving Kody after the New Year and returning to Utah. The source was an interview Radar Online had conducted with someone close to the family.

That source had said that Robyn had been unhappy for some time and didn't like being on the back burner.

What is Kody saying?

A fan took to Twitter to ask Kody Brown if it was true that Robyn planned to leave the family. While Kody isn't known for responding to questions, he did this time. According to Inquistr he stated that things are fine with he and Robyn. They had just been out doing some shopping and had dinner.

Kody isn't the only one that took to his Twitter account. First wife Meri Brown has recently done the same.

She is tired of all the rumors and wanted to let people know that if the information about her family came from anyone but one of them, don't believe it.

Robyn staying quiet on her plans

Robyn Brown has chosen to stay quiet. Fans are waiting for her input on all of this but so far she has stayed behind the scenes and not discussed the situation in the media. We will just have to wait and see if she decides to address the rumors started by someone that claimed to have personal knowledge.

The Brown family has had their fair share of problems without untrue rumors surfacing. When Kody added a fourth wife it had been 16 years since his last wife had joined the family. Kody and Meri had to divorce so that Kody could marry Robyn, then legally adopt her children from a previous relationship. Meri and Kody Brown filed for bankruptcy prior to their divorce, so the family was rebuilding and growing at the same time.

The catfish scandal has taken a toll on the family. Meri and Kody are still trying to repair their relationship, as is Meri and their daughter, Mariah.

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