From creator Les Bohem, "Shut Eye," stars Jeffrey Donovan ("Burn Notice") as the leading fake psychic, Charlie Haverford, a former magician who now manages fortune-telling parlors. The parlors play on people's expectations that the supernatural occurrences are real, and their futures are being seen, while in truth the fortune tellers are conning them. Charlie and his wife, Linda (played by KaDee Strickland) operate a parlor from their home for the Marks family. After a head injury, Charlie's mind opens to a new world of possibilities, leaving him to question everything he knew to be a con.

The show premiered December 7 on Hulu with all 10 episodes of season 1.

The fake psychics of 'Shut Eye'

The techniques the faux psychics use in "Shut Eye" are based in truth. Jeffrey Donovan went to a real fortune teller to research the confidence it takes for this kind of work. He revealed that he learned about how gypsies tapped into human desire to find out if there's something bigger in the universe. He went on to say that from this desire, gypsies know about the afterlife, and about whether or not something good will come.

For the cons in "Shut Eye," spiritual guidance is second to profit. Being able to tell a fortune, Donovan shares that it takes a level of charm, the ability to read the cards, and more importantly, the ability to read people, steering them down a path you want them to go.

The idea originated from Les Bohem wondering what would happen if a fake psychic became a real psychic. Jeffrey Donovan's character is the psychic in question that cons people through their belief who then ends up seeing something real.

He has the ability to tap into people's weaknesses which he uses to make money for the Marks clan. A blow to the head gives him the ability to glimpse the future, which turns his world around, making him see the world differently.

Jeffrey Donovan on his 'Shut Eye' role

Jeffrey Donovan wasn't searching for his next TV role, but when the script for "Shut Eye" came to his attention, he was intrigued by the premise.

He wanted to know more about this world of psychics. He wanted to know if these fortune tellers were truly in it for the con or if they genuinely wanted to help others. When he visited a psychic, he realized right away how pleasant and friendly she was, and noted how her demeanor made it feel less like a reading and more like a conversation. From that visit, he brought a sense of charm to his role, knowing how to sway someone to get them to let down their guard.

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