It looks like this thing isn't over just yet. Shia Labeouf, the beloved 30-year-old 'Transformers" actor is still throwing shots. Charlamagne Tha God had a live show in Boston last week and he revealed that Shia sent him another diss track that morning. He also let the crowd know that he wasn't even sure how Shia Labeouf got his email address or phone number since they've only met once in person.

Charlamagne and his co-host Andrew Schulz played the track for the crowd and the whole thing was...interesting.

During the rap, Shia responded to Peter Rosenberg, a Hot-97 host who released a diss track last week as a response to Shia's first. The video itself contains explicit content, and thus, cannot be included on the platform, but the video is out there for anyone that wants to check it out.

The response

After the track ended, Charlamagne said that he wasn't sure how he felt about Shia or his rapping. The reaction from the crowd was also mixed. When Charlamagne told everyone to cheer if they thought the freestyle was bad and then cheer if they thought it was good, the results were pretty equal.

Charlamagne's co-host, however, was not impressed.

"You [guys] think it was dope?! THAT was dope? C'mon... I really just don't care about Shia rapping."

What now?

I don't think anyone is quite sure what Shia is trying to do. These freestyles were entertaining, but for how much longer? Shia's raps have already been featured on both "Sway In The Morning" and "The Breakfast Club." And since Shia has stated that he thinks he's better than Eminem, there's no telling what kind of trouble that could bring.

Does Shia even really want to be a rapper? What's his rapper name? Is he working on an album? Is this just a publicity stunt? No one knows for sure. But we're all waiting to see. Shia is one very interesting character and everyone is watching to see what he's going to do next.

The often troubled actor has been embroiled in several controversies over the last few years, and perhaps that is part of what adds to the intrigue.

We will just have to wait and see what he does next.

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