Sherri Shepherd is back in the news because her ex-husband, Lamar Sally, is asking a judge to increase his child support from $4,100 a month to much more. Sally explains the reasons for filing documents for more child support.

Lamar Sally's request

TMZ reported that Sally wants more money because the $4,100 a month he is now receiving was based on Shepherd's income at the time of the petition. Since Shepherd is now making more than the $1 million she was making then, Sally has asked the judge to revisit his case.

The father is requesting more money each month for the care of 2-year-old Lamar Jr. that the couple agreed to have via a surrogate when they were married. Before the baby was born, the couple filed for divorce. The toddler is not biologically related to Sherri because he was born via an egg donor and a surrogate. She refuses to have anything to do with Lamar Jr., therefore, Sally is raising him as a single parent.

The 48-year-old father claims that his ex-wife is more successful now with her acting gigs, stand-up career, and 3 percent share in a wig company.

Therefore, he believes he is entitled to more child support since the former "The View" co-host is making nearly $3 million a year.

Sally's claims

Sally claims since his son suffers from a medical condition, more money is needed for the expensive treatments. Besides more child support, he wants $75,000 to cover legal fees from their 2014 divorce. Sally is a high school teacher who says he worries about his son's future because of his salary.

The couple was married in 2011. Sally filed for separation in May 2014, and Shepherd filed for divorce several days later. By that time, a surrogate was already pregnant with their child. In July 2014, Sally petitioned the court for full physical custody. Lamar Jr. was born in August 2014. In 2015, a Pennsylvania judge ruled that even though Shepherd has no biological connection to the child, she is still the legal parent.

A judge ordered her name to be put on the child's birth certificate, and she was ordered to pay $4,100 a month for the care of Lamar Jr.

Do you think Sherri should give Lamar more money for child support just because she is making more money?

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