When it became known that Kristen Stewart (26) had a new girlfriend, the media was surprised by the actress' complicated love life. Stella Maxwell (26), is a successful model born in Belgium but raised in New Zealand. She is an 'angel' of the brand Victoria's Secret, who became famous for dating Miley Cyrus (24). The romance between the actress and the model generated a huge amount of interest all across the web and social media, because Kristen Stewart is one of the most popular Hollywood celebrities today, and she also has millions of fans around the world that continue to gossip about her and stay up-to-date as far as rumors are concerned.

A stunning beauty

Stella Maxwell is a supermodel that leads a healthy life to be able to stay beautiful, as her career demands. She gets up very early in the morning, practices meditation for 20 minutes, and then goes to the gym. Her workout routine consists of stretching and cardio exercises. Then, she eats a full breakfast and goes to work. She follows a vegetarian diet, but she sometimes allows herself chicken or hamburgers. The supermodel loves Ferrero Rocher chocolates and drinking smoothies.

She finishes the day with another 20 minutes of meditation and tries to sleep deeply to have radiant skin.

The relationship

In May of this year it was said that the actress and the supermodel were dating, but it was false. In November, Stewart was dating the singer St. Vincent (34), but in December she started a new relationship with the 'angel' of Victoria's Secret. We don't know for sure how she ended her relationship with the singer, and whether it was on good terms or bad terms.

Now St Vincent is trying to reconcile with Cara Delevigne (24), her former girlfriend whom she planned to marry.

The "Café Society" star and the supermodel were photographed together several times, relaxed and laughing, although they didn't talk about their relationship with the media. Friends of both say that the girls are enjoying the present, without thinking about the future.

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