Remember watching "Sex and the City" each week on TV? The romantic comedy that aired on HBO from 1998-2004 was a hit! The stars of the show Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parer), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Samantha (Kim Cattrall), and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) are all very different, but had a strong friendship. When the series aired the finale, it was like fans were saying goodbye to a group of friends they wouldn't see again.

'Sex and the City' still getting new fans

"Sex and the City" still has a fan base even though it hasn't produced new shows in well over a decade. The show can be streamed and entire seasons can be purchased on DVD.

It isn't just the original viewers, but new fans that are joining the ranks as well. The series has followed up with two movies, the most recent in 2010. It has been too long since fans have had the opportunity to see what the characters have been up to. A third movie is long overdue! Fans are finally getting the chance to see the cast again and the changes in their lives over the last few years. But it almost didn't happen.

Why didn't Sarah Jessica Parker like the script?

Apparently the script is written in a way that portrays the cast as a bit more mature. Sarah Jessica Parker, now 51-years-old, wasn't sure about that twist and wouldn't sign on to do the movie with the script as it was. It isn't clear if she felt the script had them too settled and mature or just not as interesting as they were when they were younger.

Whatever the problem was, in the end the script was tweaked and the changes were made so that this movie could move forward. Filming of "Sex and the City 3" begins this summer and according to Radar Online, the cast can't wait to work together again. The cast has a way of complimenting each other on-screen.

In October, Sarah Jessica Parker told Press Association that there was a possibility of filming for "Sex and the City." At the time she said it could either be a series or a movie, as the next project. It looks like we have that answer.

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