Tennis champion Serena Williams and Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian are engaged. They became engaged while they were on vacation in Rome. This was romantic because they first met in Rome. Williams announced her engagement in a Reddit post, and a spokesperson for Ohanian confirmed the engagement on Thursday, December 29.

How Ohanian proposed

Williams shared in a poetic way how Ohanian proposed to her in the “I Said Yes” forum on Reddit. She wrote how Alexis packed her bags and whisked her away to Rome where they first met.

He took her to the same table where they ate and had long talks. Then he got down on one knee and popped the question.

Ohanian also announced the engagement on his Facebook page and linked his post to Williams' Reddit post. He posted a cartoon photo of him proposing to Williams with a huge diamond. He also wrote, "She said yes." It seems like both of them covered all bases with their engagement announcements.

The couple's engagement comes as a surprise to most people because Williams and Ohanian have kept their relationship rather private until now.

The 35-year-old tennis champion and the 33-year-old internet entrepreneur started dating in October 2015. They seem to be happy together.

No word has been revealed about a wedding date. When they do tie the knot, it will be the first marriage for each one of them. Serena has been linked to musician Drake in the past, but nothing has ever come close to a lasting relationship like this one with the Reddit co-founder.

Serena admitted in an interview that she and Drake were just longtime friends. There has been no indication that Alexis had been in a serious relationship with anyone before Serena.


Fans have followed Serena's tennis career over the years. When she and Alexis first met, he didn't know anything about tennis. In fact, he said he had never been interested in the sport. However, since he and Serena have been dating, she has taught him a thing or two about the sport that has kept her in the headlines and a champion for many years.

Alexis is a quick learner and has played tennis with the professional tennis player, who will eventually become his wife.

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