New trailer released for 'Sense8'

When one usually thinks of Christmas specials at this time of year, holiday classics and staples that have become an intricate part of the holiday season fabric usually come to mind. Even primetime television shows and daytime soaps alike get in on the action and treat their fans to festive, Christmas-themed episodes.

In the spirit of all this, and yet, somewhat differently, Netflix has just released a trailer for their upcoming, 2-hour "Sense8" Christmas special, which officially becomes available to stream on December 23rd.

Watch the trailer below:

A 'Sense8' Christmas -- with a twist

While the trailer does start out somewhat light-hearted, it quickly ups the ante and gets right into the action that fans across the globe have been craving since the first season. Each of the 8 main characters that make up a "cluster" have the ability not only to step into each other's bodies and access each other's memories and skills, but they also have the ability to connect with one another in a truly empathic, meaningful way. While it may seem a bit odd for "Sense8" to have a stand-alone, 2-hour Christmas special when the second season does not premiere until May of 2017, in light of recent world events, perhaps this is precisely why a Christmas special is needed.

Fans all over the world instantly fell in love with "Sense8" and its themes of connectivity, oneness, and the ability to literally step into another person's shoes and experience the world as they experience it when the first season initially premiered in 2015. In light of recent world events, including Brexit and the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, the world has been divided of late, and one can make the argument that we need connectivity and empathy as a society more than ever.

In-depth into 'Sense8' trailer

From what the trailer indicates, it seems like there will be an attempt to break Sun Bak's character (Bae Doona) out of prison, and it definitely seems like it will be an "all Sensates on deck" affair. Will Gorski (Brian J. Smith) is conscious and considerably less clean- shaven. Meanwhile, we also see the re-appearance of the main antagonist, Whispers (Terrence Mann), as he and his organization (BPO) continue to try to hunt down and exterminate our main cluster of 8.

There isn't a whole lot of detail in the trailer, as it's under two minutes, however, for fans that have been waiting for new content since June of 2015, this is more than enough to wet the appetite until the ten episodes of season 2 become available to stream in May of 2017.

Stream the 2-hour "Sense8 - A Christmas Special" starting December 23rd, only on Netflix.

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