Kevin Sorbo, best known for his starring role in “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys” and “Andromeda” is directing himself in a faith-friendly film entitled “Let There Be Light.” The film will not be the first religious oriented movie. Sorbo has been in as he was in “God’s Not Dead” as an atheist college professor who gets his comeuppance. However, “Let There Be Light” is the first effort of Sean Hannity, the radio talk show host and Fox News personality, as an executive producer. The project is not a one off effort.

Hannity is getting into the movie business.

“Let There be Light” stars Sorbo as a world famous atheist (risking perhaps a little type casting) who has a near death experience and as a result converts to Christianity. The film, therefore, has elements of “God’s Not Dead” as well as “Heaven is for Real,” a true life account of a small boy who received a vision of the afterlife after sustaining a horrible injury. The screenplay was written by Sorbo’s wife Sam and includes some family members in the cast.

A distribution deal is pending.

The phenomenon of near death experiences is a controversial one. The person who has a NDE is taken to a wondrous place that they believe in the afterlife, meet dead family members and friends, and sometime meet a figure they take to be God. Believers are certain that people who have NDE’s literally visit the afterlife. Some scientists, however, counter that what is being experienced is a result of the brain, starved of oxygen, causing hallucinations.

Faith-based films are a decidedly niche genre in an industry that is relentlessly secular. Some films of this type do very well. “God’s Not Dead” was shot on a micro-budget of $2 million and made over $60 million in its first release. A sequel did well too,

Clearly, there is money to be made making projects that cater to religious audiences. Sean Hannity, no doubt restless for new worlds to conquer, must realize this.

“Let There Be Light” will surely be a success if for no other reason Hannity can give it incalculable free publicity from his media perch.

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