The third annual "Scary Christmas" party will storm Los Angeles this Saturday, bringing the indie horror community closer together. It's a celebration of sorts for a scene that has been growing steadily, with the help of new distribution channels. The party is a co-production of Seraph Films, Nvisionate Studios and We Are Indie Horror. It will take place at the Rise Motion Pictures Studio, in Sun Valley.

"It’s kind of a networking event to bring horror fans and independent filmmakers together, unite the community," Seraph Films director Gene Blalock tells me.

It's also an opportunity to take a look back at the past year, recognize what was accomplished, and "use it as a sounding board of goals for the next year." Blalock expects around 400 people in attendance, from filmmakers to fans and special guests.

Halloween meets Christmas, and it's scary

At its third installment, the year-end wrap party is now an industry-only event, featuring a handful of novelties. It's called "Scary Christmas" for a reason: it will include an Escape Room (last year it had a haunted maze), Halloween characters wearing Santa's hats, and "Twelve Days of Scary Christmas" themed decorations, put together by Aly Wolff-Mills, the production designer.

"We have Krampus this year. And we have an evil Santa Claus. We have carolers coming out and doing demented versions of 'Twelve Days of Scary Christmas' type of songs," Blalock adds. "It’s a very distorted view on Christmas, for sure."

Nvisionate Studios and Seraph Films, which will release its first feature film next year, fund the entire party with the help of sponsors – Jack Daniels and AtmosFX, among others.

The "Scary Christmas" event will also have a charitable side to it, with Monsters United holding a toy drive for the second year in a row.

How Scary Christmas came about

The idea was born about three years ago, when Gene and one of his producing partners, Nick Somers, were looking at different locations to shoot around Los Angeles.

Their budget was limited, so the pricey options available were not feasible – Blalock says one of the studios charged $8,000 per day, which was more than the entire budget for the short they were looking to make. "Nick said, 'we could open an independent studio and charge far less, still be profitable and help the filmmakers'," Gene recalls.

That’s what he did with Nvisionate Studios.

So they had this great space and decided to throw a party to celebrate the indie community. "Since we ended up doing a lot of horror films, we decided to do a Horror Halloween-themed Christmas party." The idea was a tremendous success, and it helped get the word out about Seraph Films. "Last year, we had to turn people away at the door."

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