"Once Upon A Time" is one of many popular shows that experienced decreased ratings this year. The numbers are so disappointing that many are wondering if ABC will renew or cancel "OUAT." In light of the bleak ratings, a petition has been started urging the network to continue airing new episodes of the fairy tale drama.

Numbers don't lie...or do they?

The ratings for "Once Upon A Time" show a drop of more than 30% since last year. It is common for TV shows to have numbers that fluctuate. However, that is a huge decrease and one that is concerning.

Networks use ratings to determine whether a show should be renewed or canceled. With so many people watching television online, the numbers might not be entirely accurate. However, those cases mainly concern cable shows like "The Walking Dead" and "The Strain." Since ABC network is not on cable and doesn't cost additional money, the numbers are probably accurate.

Reasons the show is losing viewers

Many "OUAT" fans I have talked to agree that the TV show is getting confusing. Bouncing between the Enchanted Forest, Storybrooke, the past, the present, not to mention other worlds, it's hard to connect the dots.

Although die-hard fans are pretty good at keeping it all straight, most television viewers are casual watchers. They don't want to think too hard when trying to enjoy a series.

Save 'Once Upon A Time' petition

On "Change," one fan has started a petition to stop ABC from canceling the fairy tale drama. The viewer doesn't go into detail. Most petitions have letters explaining their reasons. This fan simply asked that the network renew "Once Upon A Time." So far, the petition has nearly 1,000 signatures.

Will ABC renew or cancel 'OUAT'?

Right now, there is no word on whether the show will be renewed or canceled. Zap2It often predicts the future of TV shows. With "Once Upon A Time," the website isn't even sure, saying it is a "toss up." Having written about the show for a few years now, I can say that the number of people who read about it has dropped significantly. If people are not even searching for information about the show, that is a red flag.

Do you think ABC should renew "OUAT" or cancel the show? What do you think of the petition to save "Once Upon A Time"?

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