Less than one week after Savannah Guthrie started her maternity leave, the "Today" show anchor gave birth to her second child, a beautiful baby boy, with her husband, Mike Feldman by her side.

On Friday morning, "Today" co-host Matt Lauer announced that Charles Max Feldman — fondly called "Charley" — came into the world at 8:59 a.m. on Thursday, December 8 and "Momma and Dad are doing great." Photos of the couple with their newborn son (below) were posted on Twitter and prompted hundreds of "congratulations" tweets from fans of the 44-year-old journalist.

Baby Charley weighed in at 9 lbs. 8 oz.

and measured 21.5 inches long — and judging from his first photos, he's pretty happy. As if Savannah and Mike's smiles weren't enough, Charley is smiling up at his mom in one of the photos below.

Matt Lauer stops by to visit Savannah's new son

Matt Lauer didn't waste any time stopping by the hospital to visit the newest member of the "Today" show crew and got a chance to hold Charley while he was there, just like he did when the couple's daughter was born in 2014.

"It is one cute little boy," Matt told viewers on Friday during the "Today" show.

"I was called in to bring wine, so we may have had a little toast."

When will Savannah and Mike's daughter meet her little brother?

Charley, who is named after Savannah Guthrie's late father and Mike's grandfather, is already a star now that he's made his debut on the "Today" show, but there is no doubt that his big sister, Vale — who is almost two-and-one-half — will be doting over her little brother when he gets home.

It's not clear if she has already made a visit to the hospital to see him but fans can expect to see some cute pics of the siblings when Savannah gets settled in as a new mother of two.

Savannah already knew that she was having a baby boy, so she's all prepared at home, announcing her second baby's gender on the "Today" show in late September, complete with blue milkshakes and a plane flying near the NYC studios with a banner that said, "It's a boy!"

When will Savannah return to "Today"?

Before she left for maternity leave last Friday, Matt proposed a toast to Savannah (apple juice, of course) and said she will be out on leave for a "little while," so there is no word yet on when she will return to her job as "Today" co-host.

For now, Savannah will get to enjoy the wonders of motherhood a second time around.

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