British singer Sam Smith has been incognito for most of 2016 and fans are curious, especially after his big weight loss. The Grammy winner famously dropped 14 pounds in 14 days, plus more. So why is Smith hiding his slimmer look? When a Kardashian or sister-in-law Blac Chyna loses a few pounds, they shout it from the rooftop. How did the "Stay With Me" crooner achieve his makeover? The LGBT singer's secret is curiously linked to showbiz twin Boy George and fellow Grammy winner, Beyonce.

Sam Smith off the radar

The "In the Lonely Hour" artist has an impressive trophy collection: four Grammy wins in 2015, several 2016 Brit Awards, three Billboard Music Awards, and a 2016 Academy Award for Best Original Song.

The Oscar winning song came from James Bond's "Spectre." Smith is only one of a few openly gay men to receive an Oscar. Since the Oscars, the "Writing's on the Wall" musician has rarely appeared professionally, excluding Coachella. But his legendary weight loss lives on.

Sam Smith takes a page from Beyonce's book

By 21, Britain's popular vocalist had put on a significant amount of weight. And he knew it. Smith said he was shocked by some vacation photos showing his near-obese body. The pictures were a wake-up call and made the celebrity rethink diet and exercise to avoid fullblown obesity. Smith began to amass weight loss wisdom from various celebrities including Beyonce. Tips from the vegan diet purveyor helped Smith shed over three stone (42 pounds) in one year.

Sam Smith, Boy George have a lot in common

Sam Smith and Boy George share more than just facial similarity, LGBT sexual orientation, and nationality. Both performers have flaunted massive weight loss thanks to the same woman -- Amelia Freer. Smith and the "Culture Club" sensation claim that Freer's book "Eat.Nourish.Glow" revolutionized their lives.

Its helped them cut gluten and processed food and break the sugar addiction. The nutritionist empowers followers to change their relationship with food. The goal in the Freer diet method is to eat to live, not live to eat. On Freer's method, Smith once lost a shocking one stone in two weeks -- or a pound a day for 14 days.

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