Protagonists are generally people that we're supposed to like, however in the case of Rory Gilmore in "Gilmore Girls" she's actually someone that's pretty easy to not like. The problems with her character are too obvious in the regular episodes, some of which are pointed out by Frances Katz at in a November 23rd article from last month. Written before the release date of "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life" Katz points out that Rory is a yacht-stealing thief who sleeps with a married a man (Dean).

Additional to those flaws, I might add that Rory is mean to her sweetheart boyfriend (the same guy before he gets married) and isn't too sensitive when her friend Paris' boyfriend dies.

Rory is 32 in "Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life," but her moral compass hasn't exactly shifted in the right direction over the years. Rory has a boyfriend, his name is Paul, and she's fairly indifferent to him. In fact she totally forgets that he's in Stars Hollow in the winter episode. Eventually Paul dumps her in a text message in the Fall episode and Rory admits that she wasn't exactly nice to him.

In the mean time she had a one-night stand with a guy in a wookie costume and slept with Logan, the latter of which may have gotten her pregnant. Logan himself is in a relationship in London so Rory, despite cheating on her own boyfriend, hasn't stopped sleeping with other women's men, just as she slept with Dean.

Rory Gilmore is like Dani Mathers

Besides being abusive to her boyfriend and cheating, Rory also takes a page out of the book of Dani Mathers.

No Rory doesn't post unaware photos of naked elderly women showering on social media, but she and Lorelei partake in a fair amount of body shaming at the start of the summer episode. As they sit by the municipal pool, any time a bulging figure walks by, one or both of them insult the person.

Lorelei: <as two bulged figures walk by> "Belly alert."

Rory: "Holy moly!"

Later Lorelei calls someone "Butter Butt" and Rory then points to "Back Fat Pat." The whole time she and Lorelei speak in contrived southern accents as they appear to have two youths enslaved, one of which Lorelei criticizes for not moving the umbrella he's holding in accordance with the moving sun.

Rory's selfishness shines through

At another point in "Gilmore Girls: Year in the Life" Rory and her mother go to visit the grave of Richard, Lorelei's deceased father who was played by the late Ed Hermann. The scene shifts from one of mourning to Rory Gilmore trying to market her upcoming book to Lorelei, even as they kneel at Richard's grave. In this scene Rory explains that she wants to write a book about not only her life, but her mother's. This is a point of contention for Lorelei who says that it's her life that's being written about and seems concerned with privacy on sensitive matters, as many might be, like her teen pregnancy and baby abandonment.

However, Rory has compete tunnel vision for writing the book and is indifferent to her mother's concerns as the loudly argue in the midst of graveyard mourners.

In the final scene, Rory Gilmore admits that she sucks after she gets dumped by Paul via text message. She then tells her mother that she's pregnant, most would presume by Logan. Is that Rory Gilmore falling from grace and repeating some of the mistakes of her mother? The question could be if Rory ever had any grace and if getting pregnant by a man who lives overseas with another woman is the bed she made for herself.

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