In the first "Star Wars" movie of 1977, it was said that a group of rebels, at the cost of great sacrifice, managed to steal the plans for the Death Star, in order to identify the weak point of the destructive artificial world. "Rogue One" is the story of these rebels. Welcome back, then, to the universe designed by George Lucas into a new movie that is the most different from the others in the series, but also so close to the original one. It is chronologically placed just a step before Princess Leila and the droids escape and the message to Obi-Wan Kenobi.

In Star War Rogue One, the pain and the loss

"Star Wars Rogue One" is the same as the other Movies of the saga, but different. There are Jedi knights and lightsabers but there are no predestined creatures. There is a group of very human fighters, mercenaries, spies, thieves, who band together on an impossible mission - to steal the plans and to identify the weak point of the destructive artificial world. The father and son relationship is the heart of this story. Jyn, Felicity Jones, the delicate English actress of "Inferno", is in this movie an androgynous fighter just like Ripley from the movie "Aliens" (that reference is also admitted by the filmmaker Gareth Edwards.)

In "Rogue One" there are pain and loss, a solitary and outlaw childhood, and the complex relationship between son and father.

Galen Erso, played by the Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen, is also the man who designed and directed the Death Star. Jyn is a woman without any vanity, physically capable of anything, but with great spiritual inspiration and good qualities as a leader. The rebels of the Alliance want to use her to get to her father, with whom the girl has had no relationship for fifteen years.

'Rogue One' - the magnificent outlaws

Captain Cassian Andor, performed by Diego Luna (Mexico's young actor who was honored at the Venice Film Festival for the movie "Y tu mama tambien") is the one to free the detained Jyn. He is the mysterious chief of the rebels, and he is a tortured man guided by a great sense of duty and hope.

This is the keyword of the "Star Wars Rogue One" movie: the rebellion based on the hope, like just Jyn says at the meeting with the rebels. The shy Cassian has only one friend - an Imperial droid reprogrammed and turned into a rebel. It's called K-2SO and has a proper personality and the characteristic to tell the truth at the wrong times. They are joined by two mercenaries, Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen), a strong blind warrior, a figure that is closer to a Jedi but without having the powers. In this movie, the Force is more a belief than a presence. Next step, in between fighting, is the meeting with the rebel Saw Gerrera, a friend of Jyn's father, considered by the alliance a dangerous extremist.

And then there's the fugitive pilot Bodhi Rook, performed by Riz Ahmed, an accidental hero in the group. They are a team of multiethnic actors strongly supported by the director "to represent the diversity that really exists in the reality."

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