“Rogue One” is out tomorrow and while it promised to be a stand-alone “Star Wars”, there are serious ties to the future of the franchise and the past. There is even one theory that the “Rogue One” heroes turn out to be villains in “Star Wars: Episode VIII”.

Rogues gallery

Jyn Erso is the main rogue of the group, along with intelligence officer Cassian Andor, Chirrut Îmwe as the blind warrior, Bodhi Rook is the pilot, and Baze Malbus is the assassin that goes with them. These guys are like the “Guardians of the Galaxy” in a galaxy far, far, away since none are obvious heroes.

We are left with the impression they all die. In “Star Wars: Episode IV”, Princess Leia was sent the plans and it was believed that the rebel spies that recovered the plans died in the effort. That made sense if “Rogue One” was not the start of a franchise but a side piece, but there’s more to it.

Ren’s knights theory

A recent video by The Film Theorists channel on YouTube has a different take on the fate of the “Rogue One” five. They’ve come up with a premise that the rogue’s gallery was captured, tortured and turned by the rebellion and are actually the group known as the Knights of Ren.

We all know Kylo Ren is Darth Vader 2.0 in the future and he’s got a group of five henchpersons (one may be a woman) that make trouble with the Solo-Organa son. Is it not a coincidence that there are five dark knights and five rogues?

Ties to the Empire

Bodhi was once an Imperial pilot so him going back to the dark side to save his own butt is a possibility. The droid K-2SO (voiced brilliantly by Alan Tudyk) is an Imperial product and he could be reprogrammed to go back to his roots easily.

The assassin is a freelancer so his allegiance is clearly for sale. Jyn herself is the daughter of the guy that designed the Death Star, Galen Erso, so she’s got Imperial ties too. The group made it to the Death Star to steal the plans and transmit them to the Rebellion but getting on is easier than getting off.

Will the rogues survive?

Adam Driver mentioned in an interview that the Knights of Ren group predated his character existence and then took on his name when he took them over as his own.

The theory is that The Heavy is Baze, The Armory is Bodhi, The Sniper is Cassian, Chirrut is The Monk, and The Rebel is Jyn.

It’s an interesting theory, but still a theory at this point. “Rogue One” opens Friday, December 16th and is expected to break box office records!

Watch the film theory on the Knights of Ren:

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