"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" made with a budget of $200 million, was released in the US and across the world on December 16, 2016.

The audience who were in for some Star Wars recreated magic would be far too disappointed for "Rogue One" does nothing to quench that thirst except provide you final five minutes of awesome thrill and comic relief in the form of K-2SO—a reprogrammed droid.

Still being a stand-alone movie it can be watched without huff and puff about missing the old story line. It’s just a Star Wars story which can be enjoyed without the fear of having been a witness to a movie that’s messed up the prequels.

"Rogue One" grossed $30M Thursday and is expecting an astounding business of $ 300 Million and surely the fans who will have logical explanations for each flaw in the movie, manage to make the troops of "Rogue One" soar high

After watching it, one would surely feel that though it would not puncture the Disney boat, it would surely drill a pen size hole in it for its lack of effusiveness.

With ambiguous characterization and equivocal scripting, "Rogue One" could have been an outstanding thriller had the team focused more on flawless presentation rather than trying to fix plot holes from the past movies.

Magic of a blunt stick

It is indeed stupendous to watch Star Troopers being knocked down at various times during the film, by a blunt stick. After repeatedly watching the magnificence of that blunt stick one would be forced to reminisce their childhood where hitting by sticks managed just dizziness.

Then how can it kill a powerful squad?

Or might be that the director just missed out on letting its inherent powers of the stick be visible and only the star troopers and the attackers knew it.

Just when, one resides himself to watch the magical killing spree of the stick, the other plot holes in the movie just make one gape at it with an open mouth.

The movie wouldn’t have been any fun if a large army of soldiers had been sent to kill the heroes so amazingly the strangely docked ship is hunted through only by a few men.

This is what can be termed as foresightedness!

Placing computer consoles at the end of narrow walkways hundreds of feet in the air must have been a well-thought move which just is not comprehended by a movie buff.

The Death Star space station had been designed with gaping flaws so that the rebels could easily destroy it.


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