"Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'" hit theaters on December 14, and since then it has done very well. It has outperformed the competition, and with the holidays approaching, it could do even better. As a result of the film's success, "Rogue One" now holds the third-best opening of 2016. Critics and audiences alike appear to be a fan of the film.

Analysts expected "Rouge One" to do around $140M to $150M. However, the film ended up doing an estimated $155M in the United States and Canada. "Rogue One" also did well on the international scene, as it raked in $135.5M.

In regard to its performance, Dave Hollis, Disney's distribution chief, described this as the start you'd hope for, and added that they are happy about the response the film received from audiences across the globe so far.

"Rouge One" was made with an estimated $200M production budget. The film takes place before the events of the first Star Wars film from 1977. It focuses on a group of rebels that have to steal plans for the Death Star.

International numbers for the stand-alone 'Star Wars' film

In the United Kingdom, "Rouge One" has pulled in $21M at the box office.

It has pulled in $12.5M in Germany, and $10.8M in Australia. In France, it has raked in $10M, and $7.9M in Japan. The film will soon be available in China and South Korea. "Star Wars" may not be as embedded in pop culture in China, but the "The Force Awakens" did do well there, and "Rogue One" is also expected to do quite well there. "The Force Awakens" took in around $123M in China.

There will be similar films to follow

Disney is currently working on another "Star Wars" film. The film is going to focus on Han Solo's early years. Disney bought the rights to the '"Star Wars" franchise from LucasFilms for $4 billion in 2012. Initially, the studio downplayed their expectations for "Rouge One." Executives did note that this is the first "Star Wars" film that exists outside of the main Skywalker plot.

Furthermore, the Movie has introduced a cast of new characters.

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