As "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" hits cinemas this week, a Philippine telecom company have released an emotional Star Wars-themed advert as part of their #CreateCourage campaign. The new Star Wars film, which has already received glowing reviews by many, centers around the Rebellion making a dangerous move in an attempt to steal the plans for the Death Star and is a sequel to "Revenge of the Sith," and a prequel to the original Star Wars film "A New Hope."

Star Wars-themed advert

The advert is the brainchild of leading Philippines telecommunication company, Globe Telecom and Disney Southeast Asia as part of their combined #CreateCourage campaign, which aims to encourage people to believe in themselves and be brave.

The advert is centred around two siblings, a young girl who wears a Stormtrooper helmet everywhere she goes and her older brother. The young girl is seen wearing her Stormtrooper helmet whilst eating her breakfast, brushing her teeth, riding her bike, and at school. Throughout the two-minute plus advert she is looked at judgingly by passersby, however, her brother remains by her side loyally as she refuses to take the helmet off.

Then as the little girl gets ready to start another day of school, the advert delves into an emotional twist as she enters her classroom to a room filled of people dressed as Stormtroopers who all stand up to greet her. Once the little girl acknowledges them she then takes her helmet off to reveal that she has been wearing a respirator the whole time.

After the young girl reveals herself she begins to burst into tears, only for her classmates to approach and comfort her.

Star Wars homage for an important campaign

Brandie Tan, a member of the campaign, has said that the advert was released to encourage others to post pictures of themselves in a Stormtrooper helmet with the hashtag #CreateCourage, the campaign itself was started in a bid to raise funds and awareness for the Philippine General Hospital Medical Foundation.

In just a few days since the advert was uploaded to Globe Telecom's Facebook page, the video has already been seen by close to 4 million people with over 88,000 shares and 144,000 reactions. The advert and cause have also been promoted by several major international websites, such as The Huffington Post.

"Rogue One" is already expected to be the biggest grossing film of 2016. You can watch the #CreateCourage advert below:

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