"Rogue One, a Star Wars Story" is finally released, so last night, defying the forces of the darkness that had unleashed a terrible fog across Milan, I decided to go to the film screening at midnight Honestly, I had no great expectations, I thought of seeing the usual perfect product from Disney with flat and reassuring script and so on. And, for most of the projection, so it was: visually flawless history apart from Saw Gerrera played by Forest Whitaker, that was in the middle between the ridiculous and embarrassing. Everything else was spinning off smoothly: perfect visual, stereotyped characters, unnecessary citations, but they do so much Star Wars movie.

Then, half an hour from the end, while I am there and going to fall asleep, suddenly I feel a tremor in the force and something unexpected happens: the rebels landed on Scarif and the movie turns into a shooter, coming out from the logic of Star Wars, that it makes me squirm and say "yeah this is what I wanted to see!"

Not to mention the last five minutes of "Rogue One, a Star Wars" movie that has already entered into legend: one of the most intense sequences ever. And it is at that precise moment that the magic returned to a saga that can be exciting as no other in the world, exploding the narrative power of a story that is settled in the depths of generations. So suddenly, all the large and small things disappeared and they no longer made sense: I returned back to my childhood and with a smile on my face for I was enjoying the devastating twinkle of the "Star Wars" epic.

How is 'Rogue One'?

Definitely a great movie, but when the franchise of "Star Wars" is involved to be the best must be the starting point. In my point of view, however, "Rogue One" is a true movie and, despite many defects, it is much more brave than "The Awakening "of the Force. Probably the fact of being a sort of spin-off of the main saga has allowed the authors much more freedom, and it is certain that if they pressed hard on the gas and, above all, if they had shortened the half-hour of the movie, last night we would view embarrassing scenes of delirious fans screaming and foaming at the mouth.

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