In a recent interview with the Charlotte, NC show “Midday with Vonyetta,” Peter Thomas of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” spilled an entire tea kettle on his fellow cast mates. Not only does Thomas boldly call Phaedra Parks a liar, he also takes credit for his soon-to-be ex Cynthia Bailey’s business success.

Phaedra Parks and Apollo Nida

During the interview, Peter Thomas vehemently defended Apollo Nida when asked about his imprisoned former co-star. Thomas did not shy away from calling Phaedra Parks a liar and even blames her for her own divorce.

The Jamaica native spoke extensively and harshly on Parks’ flip-flopping between acting like a church girl and a round-the way girl in the boudoir. Calling Parks a fake, Thomas claims she was the one who cheated in her marriage with the mysterious Mr. Chocolate, adding there had been rumors of Parks’ infidelity but never a word about Nida stepping out. Although Thomas admits Nida met his current fiancé before going to prison, he claims he could tell they were just friends. Thomas also accuses Parks of knowing about Nida’s illegal activities, pointing out Nida’s purchase of 3 to 4 vehicles without a pay stub to show for it as an example.

I do until I don’t

Thomas obviously felt free enough to dish truths, according to him, on wife Cynthia Bailey as well. First, he blamed the split on Cynthia, claiming he was the one who wanted to try counseling. But according to Thomas, Cynthia is the type of person who walks in a room and immediately looks for a back door to escape. Thomas says he does not want anything from the divorce. He’s a hustler who knows how to keep it moving.

In fact, Thomas claims he taught Bailey how to hustle and helped her to get where she is today. In his opinion, she wasn’t a business person but a girl who punched the clock doing modeling jobs for 25 years. As for the “cheating video” that showed him in a compromising situation with another woman, Thomas insists it was misrepresented. His philosophy is that he does not look around to see what’s better when he’s with someone.

Thomas also insists Bailey did not support his dreams or their plans to reach the promised land together. Instead, he feels she focused on building the Cynthia Bailey brand. Thomas does admit the constant filming, invasion of privacy and constant alliances between co-stars contributed to the destruction of his marriage.

Building Bar One

Before ending the interview, Thomas confessed to filming his own spinoff called “Building Bar One.” The new reality series will focus on his relocating to Charlotte to open Bar One. Thomas stated that he and a cast of 15 others will shoot the pilot in January. While Thomas may have dubbed himself as The King of the Queen City, the bar is co-owned by “RHOA” Porsha Williams’ ex-husband Kordell Stewart.

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