The CW won’t be delving much farther into the life of Mary Queen of Scots. Her “Reign” will come to an end with the upcoming season for the network.

The CW’s only historical drama

When “Reign” premiered in 2013, the CW was taking a big risk on the drama. It was the only historical drama on the network at the time where shows like “Supernatural” and “The Vampire Diaries” reigned supreme, no pun intended. The network has since leaned heavily into genre series and comic book adaptations.

The show wasn’t just a risk because of its time period, though.

The pilot was also pricey, filmed on location in Ireland before the series moved to Canada for production. The scripts also placed the female characters of Mary (Adelaide Kane) and her ladies in waiting front and center instead of the men around them.

The show also took heat from parents’ groups for featuring frank scenes about sexuality with young women and for featuring deaths caused during sex acts early on in the show, but that hasn’t stopped the writers from pushing the envelope.

Playing fast and loose with history

If viewers have been looking to “Reign” for historical accuracy, they won’t find it. Instead, the series has taken well known historical figures and placed them into fantastical situations while telling soap-opera like tales of romance that entertain.

Anna Popplewell put it best when she described the series as “historical fan fiction” after the first season aired.

The series has developed a loyal following as a result of straying from history and keeping its audience on its toes. It’s also known for its interesting takes on fashion a la the film “A Knight’s Tale.”

How will “Reign” end?

We don’t know just yet, but the series is currently in production on the final season. In fact, just as word dropped that this season will be its last, the series is heading in to work on the final episode.

Fans presumably won’t be left with a huge cliffhanger, though. The writers and producers were aware that season four could be the show’s last and had already taken steps to write additional scenes that would serve as a series finale.

When to watch

Reign” will return to the CW for its final season on February 10. The show will air its last 16 episodes in the 9PM time slot on Fridays.

If you aren’t yet caught up on all three seasons, they’re currently available on Netflix.

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