Headlines surrounding rappers have been less than positive as of late, especially after the mental breakdown Kanye West recently had, causing him to cancel the rest of his world tour. The hip-hop community needed something to cling to, and they got it when rapper J. Cole suddenly appeared back on the scene, sending the Internet into pandemonium.

The J. Cole comeback

There are three different releases attached to J. Cole's big week: a documentary, an album, and a song. The documentary takes viewers behind the scenes of what the rapper has been up to since the release of his critically-lauded 2014 album, "2014 Forest Hills Drive." It's 40 minutes long and available on the TIDAL streaming service, both to subscribers and to people who don't have a TIDAL subscription.

The album, "4 Your Eyez Only," is scheduled to be released on December 9. The tracklist for the latest record from the rapper appeared on iTunes on December 1, sending the Internet into a frenzy. Only one song actually appears on the tracklist for the J. Cole record: "False Prophets."

"False Prophets" is what really has the Internet riled up right now, as J. Cole seems to Rap about the recent state of affairs of rapper Kanye West. The song can be read from the perspective of Cole's fandom of West before West's ego got the best of him. The timing may just be coincidental, but it makes the track livelier than it would have been otherwise.

J. Cole discography

The Roc Nation rapper had a steady rise to prominence.

He released his first album, "Cole World: A Sideline Story" in 2011, which featured the hit tracks "Work Out" and "Mr. Nice Watch." The album went number one on the Billboard 200 chart, giving J. Cole his first major success. 2013's "Born Sinner" wasn't as well received, but still had one of his classic anthems, "Crooked Smile."

"2014 Forest Hills Drive" is really the record that shot J.

Cole into the pantheon of best rappers alive. The album was the first in 25 years to go platinum without having a single feature, showing J. Cole could stand on his own. Nobody knows about the features for "4 Your Eyez Only," but it may not matter -- the record is going to sell.

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