According to multiple sources and a couple of Instagram photos, we got the very famous rapper, Drake, seen hanging with with the ,still very hot, Jennifer Lopez this past weekend, Saturday night, December 10th. The big meet-up went down in sin city, Las Vegas, Nevada. Apparently, Jennifer was getting the party started with her "All I Have" concert. And ,I guess, Drake showed up because he either really likes her music or wanted to support her. Whatever the case, he was there and was very ecstatic about it, too.

Lots of Instagram activity from these two

The site said, he went Instagram posting happy, delivering up several different photos on his official account.

One of the photos, showed him holding a diamond encrusted Yankee hat that had caption, talking about catching her Vegas body and what not, so that sounded interesting.

Jennifer also hit up her Instagram account to post one of the same selfies that Drake did. It was the one that featured both of them, smiling it up together. According to E! online, he also included a heart eyes emoji in one of the selfie captions. I'll let you guys make of that what you will.

Other celebs were on deck

Also, E news did point out that there were some other famous celebs on hand. They were: one of the highest paid comedians: Kevin Hart and actress/singer: Kristin Chenoweth. You may have seen her in the ,now canceled, show: "Glee." Yes, no, maybe?

If you never watched it, I don't blame you.

She told everyone to say, hi

Anyways, getting back to this whole Drake and J-Lo thing. Jennifer dropped some captions too, which personally recognized Drake's appearance, and asked everyone to say, hi! The E news peeps went on to point out that this friendship between the two of them, most likely, started way back in 2013 when he saw her hit the stage at the Grammys that year.

He reportedly said: "Damn, girl" when he saw her rockin bod.

Jennifer likes Drake's music too

They also revealed that Jennifer is no stranger to some of Drake's most popular hits as she was seen, dancing to "Hotline Bling" at the 2015 American Music Awards. She also delivered a twerking dance performance to "Work" while doing a Jimmy Fallon skit called;" Ew!" Stay tuned.

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