Canadian musicians Drake and the Weeknd are mainstream stars with fame and fortune. Their social media accounts accumulate millions of followers; their songs usually top the charts; and their stage presence is captivating. Even though both are admired throughout North America and abroad, the two superstars struggle with ordinary problems. Aubrey Graham, known as Drake, sings about loneliness, unrequited love, and vultures. The Weeknd, named Abel Tesfaye, often croons about sex, drugs, and despair. The men are two very different artists, but rumors always circulate. After the Weeknd signed to Republic Records versus Drake's label OVO (October's Very Own), fans begin to wonder about their business relationship.

Are they still friends, or did bad blood spill?

'Kinda Crazy' at the AMAs

Dennis Graham, Drake's biological father, frequently uses the platform Instagram. His new single, "Kinda Crazy," is now available on iTunes, and his followers see his star rising. A week ago, he posted a picture of himself with the Weeknd. The gentlemen face the camera with serious, stern expressions. The caption reads, "Abel in the house last night at the AMA's after party." The photo tells devotees that if these two creators chill together, then Drake is somewhere in the rafters above. He is, after all, the 6ix God.

Drake spreads the news

The Weeknd has his new studio album "Starboy" available for purchase now. Drake showed his support through Instagram with a picture of the project's cover, writing: "Out now!!!

Congrats @theweeknd and the whole XO man dem." The Ethiopian's other works did not receive the same attention through Drake's online persona. However, to quote the famous lyricist, "Live without pretending...Listen without defending, Speak without offending." Sometimes, friendships in the music industry are overrated.

Drake's latest baby, "More Life," will leak soon. Perhaps, when it's released, the Weeknd can relay some well wishes through his accounts, too. Millions of followers means millions of dollars.

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