"Quantico Season 2" was a follow up after the success of the earlier serial "Quantico." It stars Indian actress Priyanka Chopra with Alex Parrish. The show, however, is not garnering requisite TRP ratings and now the show has to be off the air. It will return in a different time slot in January next year. It is now confirmed that the show will move away from Sunday to Monday. It will be screened at 10 pm and in all probability will replace the show "conviction" which has not been doing too well.

Moving 'Quantico Season 2'

This move of "Quantico season 2" from prime time to a relative lower rung of show time must have been a painful decision. The Quantico writers tweeted

"We will see your faces at on Monday nights at 10 pm starting January 23rd. More intense than ever #Quantico."

"Quantico" started in 2015 and was doing pretty well. But in 2016 in its new avatar, it has slipped to a rating of 1.6 in Neilson's C3 rating. Obviously, the revenue is not coming in, and there has to be an all-round economy.

The producers have now shifted the entire shooting schedule to New York, thus curtailing cost by 30%. ABC Drama would be thinking of other cost effective solutions as well.

Viewership and breather

"Quantico" is a counter-terrorism serial which is quite topical. But viewership is quite fickle and after the poor showing of " conviction" two other serials of ABC " Secrets and Lies" and " Quantico season 2" are attracting under 1% of TV viewers.

This is reported by Neilson's live plus everyday ratings. ABC thus had very little choice but to go off the air and revamp the show. There will now be a breather, and the show will only emerge in a different slot and day sometime next month. The last episode aired was no 9 Spoilers, and now it's all over for this year.

Last word

"Quantico" was the vehicle that launched sexy Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra to American TV screen and she has also bagged a stellar role in the Hollywood film "Baywatch" also due for release in 2017.

Fans will be keeping their fingers crossed that the serial picks up in 2017.

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