Season 8 of "Teen Mom 2" airs on January 2, 2017. Stars Jenelle Evans, Kailyn Lowry, Chelsea Houska, and Leah Messer will grace screens again with their children in tow. A divorce, wedding, and pregnancies are familiar topics resurrected with flair. While Lowry parts from her former husband, Javi Marroquin, Houska marries her fiancé Cole DeBoer. Messer raises her three daughters, and Evans will birth her third baby. Obviously, these ladies are enmeshed in paramount affairs juicy enough for news networks and their audiences.

However, before the anticipated debut, producers chat with MTV News about their subjects.

A career behind the scenes

Fans know of the four protagonists Evans, Lowry, Houska, and Messer. While they entertain viewers, a crew manipulates far from the lens. Kristen Schylinski works with Evans, and their relationship revolves around business. She tells a MTV representative, "My relationship with Jenelle is extremely professional. I think we are very close in the sense that we have been working together for so long, we can really finish each other's sentences at this point."

People view Evans as a derelict, but according to Schylinski, Evans is courteous and kind on set.

Her boyfriend, David Eason, is seen in a harsh light, too. Fortunately, Schylinski informs the interviewer of his outstanding character. Tune into MTV at 9/8c to watch more of Schylinski, Evans, and their magic together! JC Cueva films with Lowry, and she provides insight into the young mother's personality. Apparently, Lowry is more like a civilian than a celebrity. Cueva expresses, "Kail is your typical millennial...I would say 95% of our conversations are through text message." Lowry is a distinguished author, but her journalism career may ignite.

Followers peruse her many photos through Instagram, and a camera is usually in sight. Hopefully, devotees will witness more interaction between Cueva and Lowry in January!

Voices of two more producers

Houska and Messer will reappear on television with two very different plotlines. Houska is expecting for the second time, and Messer is in a long-term relationship with her birth control. Their producers Mandi Venturino (Houska) and Amy Rhodin (Messer) express their love for the two beauties through voice.

Venturino says, "Chelsea is fantastic; we get along really well." She is portrayed as the sweetheart of the group. As she births a son in February 2017, she welcomes another important reason why fans swoon over her picturesque family.

Finally, Rhodin details her friendship with Messer. Rhodin states, "On the regular, however, Leah is a sweet 20-something girl's girl, so we talk about everything that friends talk about daily -- boys, clothes, stresses, all off that." Even though Messer battles demons, she is a strong role model for many men and women struggling with mental illness. She deserves the world, and her three daughters could learn so much from their mother.

Whew! These four women are more than pretty faces captured by the camera. They represent the American culture, and through their producers, the mothers' good, bad, and ugly are dished raw. Sometimes, the best lessons are taught outside of the classroom. Without the bravery of these eight women, pregnancy and STI rates would skyrocket.

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