A disgruntled street artist has spread numerous parody posters of the upcoming "Rogue One" through Hollywood, in order to protest the movie industry’s liberal politics, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

‘Rogue Won’

The parody posters were placed all over the city as a form of protest timed to the premiere of “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” the new anthology film in the hugely popular “Star Wars” franchise. While the posters do not attack the film directly, they represent an attempt to criticize the movie industry’s bias toward liberal politics.

In the mock posters, the title is changed from “Rogue One” to “Rogue Won” with the subtitle “A Culture War Story” as a reference to Donald Trump winning the presidential race despite the odds being against him. The head of the president elect was superimposed over that of Felicity Jones, who plays the main character, Jyn Erso, in the movie. A number of other people have been superimposed over the movie’s original actors. The new “cast” includes Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulous, Julian Assange (Wikileaks founder), Rebel Media contributor and co-founder of Vice Magazine Gavin McInnes, conservative commentator Ann Coulter, Steve Bannon (Trump’s senior counselor) and Fox News’s Sean Hannity.

Hillary Clinton can also be seen in the poster, sporting an evil looking smile in the background.

The artist that drew the mock posters is a man who goes by the street name Sabo. Besides being a street artist, he is also a conservative and an activist. He has attacked other celebrities in the past, such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Cher and feminist actress Lena Dunham.

Sabo believes the mainstream media sold its soul to Hillary

The artist said his anger was directed at the media and it’s almost servile support toward Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign. He criticized the way most journalists and celebrities rallied behind Clinton, comparing this behavior to selling one’s soul. Yet, Sabo concluded, despite the overwhelming support Hillary received, she still lost to Trump.

“Rogue One” was not the only movie parodied by the street artist. He also did another mock poster, this time for the 20th Century Fox comedy film “Why Him” which stars Bryan Cranston (famous for his roles in Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad), James Franco and Zoey Deutch. It shows Cranston, Trump and Hillary embracing each other, with Cranston giving Trump a sour glance. The faux poster is especially funny because Cranston was one of Trump's main detractors during the presidential elections. The veteran actor was also among the celebrities who declared they would move to Canada if Donald Trump was to become president.

The poster protest also coincides with a boycott by Trump supporters over alleged rumors that Disney had certain “Rogue One” scenes re-shot in order to include an anti-Trump message in the upcoming movie. A twitter post by the film’s screenwriter, Chris Weits, depicting a Rebel Alliance insignia with a safety pin in it, has also fueled the controversy.

Disney however has denied that “Rogue One” has any political message, instead declaring that all the controversy is due to overblown rumors.

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