Prince Harry's new girlfriend, actress Meghan Markle, has not been and will not be invited to the royal family's Christmas dinner. She is not upset about that decision. Neither should Queen Elizabeth be accused of being mean-spirited. The palace has rules about family events. It is a tradition that only members of the British royal family will attend the annual holiday gathering at Sandringham.

Palace's rule

Rumor has it that Prince Harry asked his grandmother to bend the rules, but Queen Elizabeth said, "No." Royal expert Katie Nicholl has set the record straight which should stop people from blaming the Queen.

The rule is that only family members attend certain events at Sandringham House. Kate Middleton had been dating her future husband for eight years. It was only after they became engaged that the palace allowed her to attend family gatherings. Prince Harry and Meghan have been dating only for a few months. They have not even been seen in public together or photographed together.

The royals' Christmas

Christmas is a very special time for the royals. The British family usually get together and celebrate a three-day holiday at Sandringham, the Queen's estate in Norfolk, England.

The family enjoys a traditional Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve. They also follow the German tradition and open gifts on Christmas Eve. On Christmas Day, they go to church in the morning. They return to Sandringham for lunch to watch the queen's speech in the afternoon. Afterward, the royals play games and have fun together. The day after Christmas on Boxing Day, most of the senior members of the family take part in other games and sports.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

It is expected that Prince Harry, 32, and Meghan, 35, will get together before Christmas as soon as the prince has finished his tour this weekend. They might meet in London because Prince Harry has an engagement in London next week. Markle's background has nothing to do with her not being invited to the royal family dinner. It is known that Prince Harry's relationship with Markle is not like his other relationships.

The actress is bi-racial, with a white father and African-American mother. She is three years older than he is. She has also been married and divorced.

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