As soon as Prince Harry completed his 14-day Caribbean Tour, he flew to Toronto to see his new girlfriend, Meghan Markle, according to Us Weekly. On Sunday, December 4, he left Guyana, the last of the seven nations he visited. Instead of returning home to England, the 32-year-old royal made a 1,700-mile detour and headed straight to Toronto to spend some time with his 35-year-old actress girlfriend at her home. He went against royal policy by combining a working visit with personal travel. He is expected to be back in London on Wednesday, December 7.

The prince and the actress

It had been three weeks since the pair had seen each other before getting together for the last few days. They were together after Markle took a private jet to London and spent close to a week with Prince Harry before his official tour on behalf of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.

Now that the two of them are winding down for the year, they will more than likely be able to see each other again before the end of the year. Since Markle has completed Season 6 of "Suits," the pair is expected to spend about a week together on a private vacation.

Because of the rules of the palace, Meghan cannot be invited to spend time with Prince Harry and his family at their Christmas celebration. It is nothing personal against the actress. Kate Middleton wasn't invited to be at family events until she was engaged to Prince William. They ha dated eight years before she shared holidays with the royal family. Prince Harry and the actress have been dating only a few months.

Prince Harry seems to be in love

The prince must be in love with the actress. This is evident by the chances he is taking to see her. On Prince Harry's behalf, Kensington Palace sent out a statement to the media requesting that she not be harassed. It was also reported that despite the holiday tradition, Prince Harry asked his grandmother to bend the rule, but she wouldn't do it. Let's hope he doesn't get into trouble for combining a business trip with a personal trip.

It was a 6-hour detour over 1,700 miles to visit Markle.

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