In a sign that the “Star Wars” franchise may have fallen into the hands of the social justice warrior crowd, the current president of Lucasfilm, now a subsidiary of Disney, declared that she felt no need to cater to the desires of male fans, according to Heatstreet. The statement seems to be a reference to the fact that both the most recent movie, “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and the upcoming film, “Star Wars: Rogue One” have heroic female leads, which presumably do not cater to male “Star Wars” fans.

The slam against a segment of science fiction film fandom comes on the heels of an outburst by the writers of “Rogue One” that compared the evil Galactic Empire to Donald Trump, injecting contemporary Politics into a time long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. The slam started a social media firestorm which some predicted may hurt box office ticket sales.

“Star Wars” fans did not have a problem with the fact that “The Force Awakens” featured a strong female lead, the character Rey played by Daisy Ridley.

The movie has made about $1 billion more or less since its opening just a year ago. Interest in “Rogue One” which depicts the operation that stole the plans for the Death Star that sets up the plot for the very first film is very high. So why did Kathleen Kennedy choose to take a shot at a considerable portion of the fans of the movie franchise?

The all female version of “Ghostbusters” featured a social justice flame war on social media between male fans and the producers of the film when the reaction to the first trailer was less than enthusiastic.

The film producers accused male “Ghostbusters” fans of sexism and misogyny for not fully embracing the concept of an all woman reboot of the popular 1980s fantasy films. As a result, audiences stayed away in droves and the film bombed mightily at the box office. Kennedy is in grave danger of tanking the “Star Wars” franchise, which Disney is counting on to be a machine to print money for years to come, with similar behavior.

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