When Lionsgate headed into production on the “Power Rangersmovie reboot in Vancouver, the studio announced plans for a series of sequels to the movie. The studio wants to do as many as seven, creating a movie franchise out of the popular children’s television series. Fans will see at least one sequel earlier than any movie though as a graphic novel is planned for release immediately after the film.

‘Power Rangers: Aftershock’

Comic book publisher BOOM! Studios will release “power rangers: Aftershock” as a follow up to the movie.

Lucas Werneck will draw the book while Ryan Parrott will write it. Parrot has previously written for “Star Trek: Starfleet Academy.” If you’re curious about Werneck’s art, he frequently shares sketches on social media, including his of Wonder Woman in support of Chelsea Cain, who worked on Marvel’s “Mockingbird” comic book and subsequently left social media after experiencing repeated targeted harassment for her work on the character.

The book itself will have two covers: one featuring a movie one sheet and one illustrated by the artist.

The latter will only be available from comic book retailers while the former will be available at traditional bookstores as well.

Details on what the book will entail are relatively scarce, which isn’t all that surprising since the most we’ve heard about the movie itself have been rumors and speculation. What we do know is that the comic book will immediately follow the events of the movie, centering on the adventure of the Rangers after the film takes place.

More ‘Power Rangers’ from BOOM! Studios

BOOM! Studios already publishes two different series centered on the original “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” characters, though this will be the first time the publisher works with the new incarnations of the characters from the film.

They currently publish “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” which focuses on the original team lineup when the Green Ranger was still under the control of villain Rita Repulsa as depicted in the television series.

The series attempts to strike a slightly more adult tone, giving a little more depth to storylines from the kids’ television program, while still pulling from the source material.

They also have a six part mini series surrounding Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart called “Power Rangers: Pink”. For the television series, Kimberly Hart left the group when actress Amy Jo Johnson negotiated a release to pursue other projects. What she received was a ten episode arc for her character as she was targeted by villains and eventually left to pursue professional gymnastics, transferring her powers to a new character.

The series explores just what happens after she leaves.

Neither series has any connection to the upcoming movie or the sequel graphic novel.

Power Rangers: Aftershock” will hit shelves on March 29, 2017. “Power Rangers” lands in theaters on March 24.

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