Finally, the time has come (long awaited by fans of "Pokemon GO"), the launch date of new creatures and new updates in the game. As we all know, recently, it was announced through the portal of Niantic -- the addition of new creatures of the second generation. However, there is much to celebrate, as a few hours ago, Niantic also announced the release of a new Poke Radar, which will be of great help to the fans, in locating the new Pokemon, especially new creatures of the new generation. Once again, Niantic has again surprised users with these new updates and new changes.

Next, we share with you all the new developments and changes in the game.

The new Poke radar

"Pokémon Go" continues with its inexorable path of success with new updates that aim to keep the base of players very active in the title of Niantic. With the new update, now available, we can enjoy the Pokémon Radar, which has been added as an official tool in the game. According to Niantic, these new changes and updates are to offer a better experience when looking for Pokémon in the real world. So, while we are discovering the list of Pokémon that are near us, we can also click on the creature that we want to capture and we will find the exact location of the same, photo included.

Of course, the Pokémon in question will only be available in that place for a certain time, so you have to go for it as fast as possible to prevent it from fleeing. This new feature is only available to some trainers as a test. This is an interesting change, but the real revolution will be announced in the coming hours or minutes, as 100 new creatures will arrive and become playable in the "Pokémon GO" application.

Stay tuned for these updates.

Additional information

We remind you that the new Poke radar, is now available. However, the company has said that for the moment, this new tool will be available as a test mode in the game, and that later, it will be available to all users of the application. For now, this is all the information available as far as updates go.

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