New updates for 'Pokemon GO'

Since the mobile application "Pokemon GO" was first released on July 6th, 2016, it was an instant hit in a way that had never been seen before. The Pokemon franchise as a whole has been popular as far as gaming goes since the initial Red and Blue versions were released for the GameBoy Color, however, it was "Pokemon GO," and its use of augmented reality and real-time user surroundings that have truly set it apart from all other gaming experiences -- not only of the franchise, but of gaming in general.

Big announcement for 'Pokemon GO'

Though there have been smaller updates to the application since its initial launch, it appears that the game is going to be getting its biggest update yet.

On Monday, December 12h, Niantic Labs will officially detail the new Pokemon coming to "Pokemon Go," in what is being labeled as Generation 2. Thus far, the only new Pocket Monster added recently came in the form of the shape-shifter Ditto, so there is no question that players all over the globe are chomping at the bit for new, playable characters.

What players can expect from 'Pokemon GO'

As far as chronology goes, "Pokemon GO" is currently at the Red, Blue, and Yellow stage in terms of releasing creatures for this mobile application. Everything that has been released so far has been from the pool of the initial 150 creatures, so, it stands to reason that this upcoming update, and all others that are to follow it will likely begin to introduce creatures that came after the initial 150, with Pokemon that became playable in the Gold and Silver incarnations of the GameBoy game.

With the recent release of "Pokemon Sun and Moon" last month, coupled with these updates from Niantic Labs for "Pokemon GO," it's safe to say that the franchise is moving in yet another positive direction, with renewed vigor and enthusiasm on all fronts. As much as the first 150 Pokemon will always evoke a sense of nostalgia for many, moving into the next batch of creatures and making them playable is, in an of itself, an evolution of gameplay, and Niantic will have a lot of inspiration to draw from as they incorporate more creatures in future updates.

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