The arrival of the next Pokémon of the Johto region to the video game of augmented reality is imminent. Many are expecting that these new creatures will be incorporated this year and in fact, there are some rumors that indicate that probably during the next updates of the game, they will include the hundred creatures of the Johto region. As is customary, many of the Pokémon within the game are inaccessible, a clear example would be Taurus, who can only be captured in the United States. Another clear example is Kangaskhan, who can only be trapped in Oceania specifically in the country of Australia.

Just a few moments ago, it was filtered -- new information about the launch of new Pokemon by Niantic. Next, we will share the latest information filtered about these new creatures coming to the game.

The new regional Pokémon

Heracross, Miltank, Qwilfish, and Dunsparce are some of the new regional Pokémon of the Johto region. Heracross will be exclusive to South America, while Miltank will be exclusive to North America, which is an allusion to Tauros. Smeargle will be unique to the European continent. Qwilfish will be present in Asia, while Dunsparce will be exclusive to Australia. Girafarig will be available on the African continent. And finally, Corsola will be available in Japan, whereas Delibird will be easily captured in the Antarctic region.

Exclusive creatures of the second generation

At present, regional Pokémon like Farfetch'd of Asia, can only be captured legally by arriving on that continent. According to the portal Pokémon GO News, the second generation will have several exclusives, this means that they can only be captured in their corresponding place of origin.

To date, there are only four regional Pokémon, it is estimated that this new generation will at least double the number of regional Pokémon up to eight, bringing the total to twelve when the next wave of creatures are added to the list. For now, we only have to continue capturing Pokémon of the first generation to complete our Pokédex.

In addition, we remind you to accumulate enough Zubat and Onix candy to be able to obtain the new evolutions of the next generation.

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