Lady Gaga revealed last week that she now suffers from post-traumatic stress-disorder, after visiting a homeless LGBT youth center in New York. Gaga who disclosed two years ago that she had been a victim of rape when she was 19-years old at the hands of a man 20 years her senior, told the Today Show that she had never brought up her struggles with PTSD which were triggered by her rape ordeal until now, but thanked her doctors, family and friends who she claims "saved her life".

Piers Morgan questions Lady Gaga

Piers Morgan has questioned the claims made by Lady Gaga surrounding her rape and PTSD revelations.

The TV presenter, known for making controversial remarks, described her story as "vainglorious nonsense" and that these new admissions made by the pop singer were simply marketing tools to "promote" her career. Writing on Twitter, Morgan said that he was frustrated by Gaga's PTSD claims as he came from "a big military family" and was sick of celebrities using the mental illness to "promote themselves".

Morgan then went on to take aim at Madonna, who gave a speech about feminism and misogyny whilst accepting her Billboard women in music award last week.

Morgan criticized both Madonna and Gaga for making their rape allegations "many years after the event" without pressing charges on the offender, going to court or even telling the police.

Lady Gaga responds

Lady Gaga has responded to Morgan's comments by stating that she would do an interview with the TV presenter to educate him on why so many victims of rape and abuse do not report the cases.

Morgan replied to the singer, saying that he admired her for agreeing to do an interview with him and that he knew a lot of people who had suffered from the mental illness.

Gaga also told the TV presenter via Twitter that PTSD was not just a mental illness which affected people from a military background, and whilst Morgan seemed to have landed himself a big money interview with the megastar despite making controversial comments regarding claims, the two did not appear to leave on good terms after Morgan made reference to the controversial 'meat dress' Gaga wore at the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, which drew the musician much criticism from a variety of animal rights activists.

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