With ever glowing face and chubby cheeks and all too evident pregnancy bulge Kareena Kapoor’s fanaticism for life and partying has severed no setbacks as she was seen enjoying herself at pre-Christmas celebrations put together especially for her by her best friend Amrita Arora, on 18th December.

According to reports, Kareena has been admitted at the South Mumbai hospital for her delivery which is due any moment.

‘I am an expectant mother, not a corpse’ says Kareena Kapoor, so please just stay put!

Since the day Kareena has conceived she has been sharing her imminent happiness with the social media and flaunting pics with pride snubbing at those that dared to comment on her pregnancy fat and possibility of losing out on the career front.

Well, to catch up with more on the party front, Kareena looked mesmerizingly beautiful and every bit an expectant mother in a red checked shirt as she was seen gracing Amrita’s party at her Mumbai residence.

To say that even one of the most exotic beauties Malaika Arora also failed to shimmer down Kareena’s internal glow would not be too far away from the truth as Amrita, Malaika and Kareena along with another close friend were seen posing for a magnificent picture.

Why this bent towards Christmas!

Just for the record, Christmas has always been a grand affair for Babita, Karishma, and Kareena.

Their fascination with it seems to be affected by Babita’s British descent, it seems. With compulsory attendance to mass every year the Kapoor trio went to have brunch with the Kapoor family a day after Christmas, hosted by Krishna Raj Kapoor was just another grand Kapoor family affair.

What happens this year would be a wait and watch scenario with Kareena’s baby due anytime now. As confirmed by Randhir Kapoor, the expected date is 20th December.

Speculations are running high whether Kareena’s sister Karishma Kapoor would be busy spending the holiday with the latest man in her life or will she fly back to be at her sister’s side post delivery.

The Proud Abba to be!

Well, for now let’s just end with all admirations for Saif Ali Khan for his extreme patience and love for his Begum, dauntingly standing by her side not only at the Christmas party but all through these nine months, leaving us in no doubt he would make a wonderful father as well, to his third and most awaited child.

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