Philip Defranco is a 31-year-old YouTuber with nearly 5 million subscribers on his channel. Today, he took to Twitter to express his frustration with a new video that MTV News posted to their Twitter account. The video is titled "White Guy Resolution 2017" and contains people of multiple races giving their opinions on how white men can supposedly do better in the new year. The video has been met with mixed responses from viewers and a very negative reaction from Philip Defranco.

Philip Responds

Philip started out his rant on Twitter with a tweet claiming that videos like this caused people to support Donald Trump.

The YouTuber then went on to upload a response video to both his Twitter account and his YouTube vlog channel. Philip originally started off his video laughing but became slightly angrier towards the end.

"Could you imagine if I, Philip Defranco, made a video called 'Dear Black Women' and that video started off with, 'Hey black women, here are a few little things I think you could change up in 2017 to be career would be over and done."


This is definitely not the first time that Philip Defranco has discussed racial issues and "anti-whiteness" on his channel.

Just last week, he responded to an African-American girl on his Twitter account that supposedly picked a fight with him.

"This is the most that you're ever going to matter. You don't really have any worth and that's horrible. That's horrible. And it's not because of your gender, it's not because of the color of your skin, it's because of how you handle yourself... You're a person that's not adding anything to society.

You'll never really matter. And then you'll just be gone."

Philip has also had his fair share of controversy and accusations of racism. Up until this year, Philip regularly said the N-word in his YouTube videos, despite many pleas from his fans to stop.

Responses to Philip's reply video have also been mixed.

Philip has yet to respond to MTV News again or any of the responses to his video.

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