"America's Got Talent" has quickly won the hearts of Americans with unforgettable performances that showcase the incredible talent present within America. Simon Cowell, perhaps looking to profit from the unbelievable success of his show, set up a Christmas special in 2016 that featured several of the best acts from this year as well as some old acts. Even Heidi Klum decided she wanted to get up on stage and sing. Celebrities Penn and Teller even made an appearance! But they weren't alone. Piff the Magic Dragon, an "America's Got Talent" favorite, teamed up with the duo to provide the comic relief for two of the most popular magicians of all time.

The Two Wise Men and the Wise Dragon of 'America's Got Talent.'

If you haven't yet seen the full magical performance from the trio, it is posted below for your viewing pleasure. It's definitely not the best trick Penn and Teller or Piff have ever performed, but it is pretty funny to watch.

Piff the Magic Dragon quickly won the support of the "America's Got Talent" audience with performances that featured a blend of comedy and traditional magic. The audience was psyched to see the dragon get back on stage and perform with a duo as unbelievable and as amazing as Penn and Teller.

Penn and Teller have one of the longest shows in Vegas and have been able to sell out almost every day because of how ridiculously good their show is. The duo probably didn't need any more publicity, but an appearance on "America's Got Talent" certainly couldn't hurt.

What Happens When the Two Acts Combine?

I'd like to say that the magic between the two acts was even better when combined, but it unfortunately was not.

The act was rather boring until a bird was changed into Piff's dog at the end of the act. Other than that, the act was filled with comedy that didn't quite work as well as Penn and Teller were probably expecting it to. I found myself groaning at the jokes that I had laughed at when Piff was simply performing as a solo act. It was nice to see the two try and combine, but I don't foresee much of a future for two acts that are so incompatible.

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