When the third season of "Outlander" premieres in 2017, fans must expect to see a different side of Jamie — or should we say multiple sides of Jamie? Sam Heughan talked to Popsugar about the upcoming season, and teased his character as a different man in the upcoming season.

“He's at least three, maybe four different things to people," said the actor, referring to the various identities Jamie has to assume through the years. It won’t be the first time for the Highlander: when Claire and Jamie met in season 1, she was made to believe his last name was MacTavish, only learning the real one a few moments before their wedding ceremony.

However, this time is different because in season 3 Jamie doesn’t want to be himself. “He wants to die at the end of season two," Sam Heughan told Popsugar, pointing out that his character wasn’t expecting to survive the Battle of Culloden or to continue his life without Claire. The experiences change him to the point of being unrecognizable: “it will be a journey for him to get back to being James Fraser.”

A “quite special” reunion for Jamie and Claire

The season 2 finale “Dragonfly in Amber” ended with Claire finally learning, after 20 years, the truth that Jamie didn’t die at Culloden as he planned.

In season 3, she has to go through the stones of Craigh na Dun to be reunited with her greatest love, which she does at some point, but this is far away from being the conclusion of their story. The actor alerts “they've become different people," so their love is what will bring them together. It seems Jamie and Claire will have plenty of things to learn about each other when they meet again.

For the stars Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, on the other hand, it will be quite easy.

Heughan said “it's very strange” to work without his partner and friend: "Whenever we're together it feels right."

‘Outlander’ fans will be surprised

Although the producers always try to stick close to the books, readers of "Voyager" will notice the first episode of season 3 will bring scenes they haven’t read. "Outlander" is going to not only actually show the Battle of Culloden, but also scenes that surprised even the actor himself: “There's one moment in particular that I didn't even know we were going to shoot," said Heughan.

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