Original “Mighty Morphin power rangers” cast members have previously made it clear that, unlike other revived franchises like “Ghostbusters,” they won’t be making cameos in the new “Power Rangers” movie. At least one former Ranger had been hoping for a role when the movie was announced - but that role went to someone else.

Amy Jo Johnson wanted a chance to be a villain

In 1993 when “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” premiered, Amy Jo Johnson was one of the original five power rangers. As Pink Ranger Kimberly Hart, she wielded a bow and arrow and commanded the pterodactyl zord.

One of the heroes, she was frequently called on to save the day, but Johnson would have loved the chance to play a completely different role.

When Johnson spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about moving to and working in Canada 10 years ago, she also touched on the upcoming movie, telling the outlet, “I really wanted to be Rita, but Elizabeth Banks got that part. I think I would have made a fantastic Rita. Or some crazy villain.”

With the news that Lionsgate wants to make “Power Rangers” into a movie franchise though, she’s up for any role they’d ask her to do in the future.

Rita Repulsa and her quest to stop the Power Rangers

Though the television franchise went through several different villains over the years, Rita Repulsa was the one who kicked it off. An evil witch who was imprisoned thousands of years in the past, when she’s freed, she sets out to conquer the world, beginning with Angel Grove, which prompts the Power Rangers to form. She then spent the next three seasons trying to bring an end to the Rangers in order to achieve world domination.

In the original series, Johnson actually had her chance to pretend to be the villain for an episode. Season two saw her kidnapped by the evil Lord Zedd to become his bride. In an effort to distract his minions, she impersonated Rita, right down to her put-downs, nagging, headaches, and shrill voice. While Banks’ take on the character will likely be different from the original version, Johnson would have made a fun villain as well.

The new Pink Ranger

Taking on the role of Kimberly Hart in the upcoming movie from Lionsgate is Naomi Scott. She’ll step into the new Pink Ranger’s shoes for the updated version. While Johnson played Kimberly as a popular girl in school who liked to spend her time shopping and running service clubs. Scott’s version is said to be changed, and keeping a big secret.

Johnson, at least until Lionsgate opts to bring in more original cast members than Bryan Cranston (who voiced monsters and will now voice the Rangers’ leader Zordon), will have quite the busy schedule though. She’s appearing at film festivals for her feature directorial debut “The Space Between” and will be making fan convention stops with former Green Ranger Jason David Frank.

Power Rangers” lands in theaters in March 2017.

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