Onision is in hot water due to an online forum that he's recently started running. The 31-year-old vlogger owns several YouTube channels and uses the pictures that his fans send him as content. In his most recent videos, you can see him criticizing several of his subscribers on their looks and body types. Onision will often disclose whether or not he feels like they need to lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same. He'll also let his fanbase know if he finds the girls attractive or not, despite many of them not being a legal age.



This is not the first time Onision's been accused of pedophilia or questioned for his relationships with young girls. The YouTube Star is currently married to Laineybot, a woman he met when she was only 17 and currently has a 9-year age gap with. Onision's last wife was also 17 when they met. In addition to that, he and his wife currently participate in a polyamorous relationship with BillieDawnWebb, a 19-year-old internet personality that Greg currently has a 12-year age gap with.


Two months ago, Greg and Lainey were accused of having an inappropriate relationship with sarahbear8500, a 16-year-old girl that Lainey met on Twitter. Apparently, Lainey and Sarah maintained a "friendship" over the years and now Greg frequently flies her out to his house so she can spend time with them. Both Onision and Lainey responded to the allegations against them via video.

To make matters worse, earlier this week, Onision released a video where he guessed the ages of his female subscribers.

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He said that he made this video to "once again demonstrate how complicated age of consent is."

Onision's new defense

Onision uploaded a video on his channel where he announced that he'll no longer be making videos where he critiques people's bodies. In the video, Onision blames his critics for talking about him and supposedly twisting the truth.

"Thank you to so many of the other a**ho**s who watched my videos and didn't hear any of the s*** I was saying, and instead filled in their words in my mouth, as if I was saying that s***.

You [people] ruined something that was helping a lot of young girls..."

Greg claimed that his goals for the videos were to help women with body dysmorphia and low self-esteem. He has yet to release a proper apology for insulting the women in his videos.

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