"One Tree Hill" rumors of a 2017 return exploded across social media this week, but in truth the chances are slim. There has even been speculation that the popular series might be made into a Movie, but stars of the TV Show have debunked the concept of a movie.

Given the dodgy sources of the story - such as satire site MediaMass - (and even they updated that the story might be false,) fans may be mightily disappointed if it proves to be just a rumor, which looks very likely.

Speculation over a 'One Tree Hill' movie

More speculation involved the possibility of a movie adaptation of the original series, but this sounds even more unlikely than a new series, as there has been so much negativity from the stars themselves that this has effectively debunked the concept of a movie.

iTech Post perpetuated the story of a "One Tree Hill" comeback, likening it to the "Gilmore Girls," stating that "it is inevitable to think that "One Tree Hill" will follow soon." It seems the root of the rumor can be attributed to Sophia Bush, who played the role of Brooke Davis. Saying it might be "cool," and having scheduling issues if it came back, is hardly hard news. Taken as a teaser by some writers, this is probably more wishful thinking than cast in stone fact that a revival of the incredibly popular Tv series is contemplated.

Stars of series negativity debunks the probability of a movie

Even the speculation of a movie seems to be tossed into the dustbin by some stars - and face it - a Tv series made into a movie that is missing half the stars is like eating stale bread.

Fans may wish for a movie - but it was reported that Robert Buckey, who played Clay Evans in "One Tree Hill," said in an interview that the thought of a movie made him nervous. He seemed to think it could end up as a bad rep bringer and not worth risking. iTech quoted him as saying, "I'd rather people go, 'Oh, please!

Please!' than 'I can't believe you did that. It was horrible,'"

Chase Adams, the character who in real life is Stephen Colletti also felt the series was better on Tv and the idea of a movie was not something he was hankering for, saying, "It (the series) was so terrific ... If we did a ....movie and it sucked, then it would, you know, blemish it."

Fans on Twitter were ecstatic at the thought of a rerun of the "One Tree Hill" series which premiered in September 2003.

It was so popular that TV By The Numbers reported in 2012 that on average over one and a half million people were tuning in to watch the episode. That is a lot of people who might actually go to a "One tree Hill" movie. If wishes were fishes - would you go to the movie?

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